Bradley C. Bailey

(720) 404-6889
Centennial, Colorado USA

I am a full-stack developer with over 20 years experience writing software using web technologies. I am comfortable with everything from infrastructure and system administration, to databases, backend APIs, and front-end design. I am able to quickly learn new skills and technologies. Writing clean well documented code with tests is something I believe strongly in. I am looking for a challenging position in an industry that I can be passionate about. I am accustomed to working remotely after doing it for over 15 years.


Principal Software Engineer

April 2019 – Present

As a principal engineer I helped design and maintain infrastructure and APIs for systems that helped deliver the user experience platform which all other teams at the company relied upon. I played a vital role in migrating all systems into AWS and Kubernetes using docker and helm following industry recommended security and best practices. Deployments were fully CICD driven with Jenkins and github actions. Lead setting up application and cluster monitoring, logging solutions, performance metrics, and various dashboards. I wrote documentation and mentored other developers on the team.

In addition I worked with a small team that built and maintained the UI and APIs for tools used company-wide for storing application configuration, data driven customer recommendations, and A/B experimenation settings.

Sr. Software Engineer

June 2015 – April 2019

Worked on the UX team building shared user interface components originally in jQuery and then later with React and React Native. I built highly performant APIs using nodejs streams that delivered shared header and navigation across all applications at the company, interfaced with the translation team, and managed infrastructure and deployments. As a mission-critical application, it was designed with many layers of redundancy and caching.

Sr. Software Engineer

March 2013 – June 2015

I lead and managed a small team that built the "My Account" application using nodejs and Ember, used by over 10 million customers. I also helped implement and lead the customer authentication delegation experience alongside the auth and security teams.

Prior that I built the shared web hosting file manager application front-end using Javascript and nodejs, while working closely with developers building the Java based backend API.

Javascript Web Developer

November 2010 – March 2013

At Go Daddy I worked with a small agile team on the Easy Database for Websites product doing front-end development using JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS. EZDB was a simple database application that allowed users to define and manage data and easily embed widgets onto their website. When I came on board I helped to improve the code quality and bring the user interface in line with user experience designs and standards. I introduced JavaScript unit tests and added progressive enhancement using the latest CSS3 and HTML5 technologies. Some examples are HTML5 drag-and-drop file uploading, localStorage for UI preferences, and CSS3 for UI elements that traditionally would've needed multiple sliced images. I also designed and documented a CSS interface to allow customers unlimited customization of their widgets and provided assistance in the forum.

Sr. Software Engineer

February 2008 – November 2010

After Data393 was acquired by Latisys, I worked remotely with the development team from the Irvine, CA branch. I introduced subversion for source control, Trac for project management, and other best practices. We built a corporate wide customer management and sales application using Ruby on Rails. Besides working to design the UI and develop the application, I also configured and maintained the production systems. I continued to maintain internal Perl applications, and as the company grew I was a vital asset in integration projects with, Great Plains billing, and other software.

Sr. Software Engineer

August 2005 – February 2008

Working closely with the Engineering department, my primary role was internal application development. New applications were designed and written for managing datacenter assets, tracking IP space, interfacing with network equipment, usage tracking, account provisioning, and more. All were written using Object Oriented Perl, mod_perl, MySQL database, and were well tested, and documented. I also continued to maintain the existing helpdesk software, write scripts to help with the system administration tasks, and provide statistical reports. In addition I also provided escalated support for systems and network related problems as part Engineering.

Software Engineer

E-COM Media Group
Englewood, Colorado
May 2004 – August 2005

When Data393 acquired E-com Media Group, I transferred to that division to better utilize my skill set. I worked with a team of other developers and designers where I introduced source control with CVS and other software development best practices. Our primary task was designing and developing a new version of the company’s e-commerce, content management, sales, and customer management tool. We used mod_perl, MySQL, and utilized load balancing. I lead development of the e-commerce module and web service APIs. I also built customer frontend e-commerce websites.

I also used ASP and MS SQL to develop custom applications for customers and maintain the old version of the company’s flagship product. Using my previous experience I helped design and develop a new helpdesk and customer portal for Data393.


Cisco Networking Academy CCNA

Front Range Community College
Westminster, Colorado
January 2000 – December 2000

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